Goodbye Apple…FOREVER. I’m With Android Now!


Although I’ve never considered myself an Apple fangirl, I started using iPhones as soon as they hit the market back in 2007. Completely enamored with the technology, my smart phone became my mini portable computer, camera, gaming device, and day planner. The device was intuitive, user friendly, and simple in design with it’s limited customization. It just worked for me. My only complaint was I hated being a slave to iTunes, a feeling which would eventually grow into absolute rage.

With its frequent updates and laundry list of settings, iTunes had turned into an infuriating step to my weekly backups. Pictures were lost, folders were duplicated, calendars went missing, and sometimes I had to keep switching USB ports for no reason just to get iTunes to recognize my device. If iTunes was a person, it would be Trump – I fucking loathe him and have no idea why everyone is a fan. 

So why not switch to another phone, right? Since I had been using this platform for so long and had everything set just the way I wanted, I stubbornly put up with all of the iOS shortcomings simply because I didn’t want to do all the work involved in switching. I would have to create a billion new accounts for my contacts and calendars, find compatible apps for all the programs I needed on a regular basis, etc etc.

Thankfully, a partially opened water bottle drowned my iPhone in my bag and I was forced to face the truth. Apple fucking sucks and now was the time to make the switch.

While my husband, already an avid Android user, researched the best smart phone for me, I started converting my entire life to Google. And it was WAY easier than I had imagined. I was able to import all my saved contacts with a few clicks. All the apps I relied on for banking, emails, and social media were available in the Play Store. And since I was already using Docs for most everything, I was pleased to have easier access on this device. The only thing I had to recreate from scratch was my calendar, which was kind of a pain, but I’m much happier with the organization through Google than iTunes.

moto g riellygeekSo I bought a Moto G which is lightweight, a screen size perfect for my hands, and most importantly, waterproof! And it’s totally customized!

The greatest thing ever, the single reason why I’m so very in love with my Android phone, is everything is backed up automatically to Google: every app, every calendar entry, every contact, and all my photos. Instantly. And most of the apps have compatible web-based programs.  So if I’m at my computer and remember an item I need to add to my shopping list, I don’t have to look for my phone, I just use the web-based program and vise a versa. Life changer right here.

I feel like I broke up with a shitty boyfriend. Like I knew my iPhone wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t “that bad”…I was just used to it. Then a few months of being with my new love I can look back and say “what the fuck was I thinking!?!”

Anyways, here’s some of my fav apps, not including all the glorious Google apps and social media.

Last Pass – best password manager I’ve ever seen. You can keep your passwords very neatly organized in customized categories, create unique passwords, and it works seamlessly with the phone as a pull down option over apps and as a Chrome extension.

Zedge – is a fantastic resource for ringtones, message tones, wallpapers, and app icons. Plus you can create an account to back up your favs for easy re-installation if you flash the phone.

Nova Launcher – LOVE love this app. Nova has a tons of wonderful options to organize icons, resize, add widgets, and create custom gestures for many different functions. And you can lock the desktop so little wandering toddler fingers can’t accidentally delete apps.

Out of Milk – I have tested at least 15 different shopping apps but this one works the best for me, plus it has a web-based version so I can add items no matter what device I’m using. You can create custom categories (that I use as aisles so I can get in and out of the store quickly), scan  bar codes, share lists, create multiple list, and it even lets you create a pantry to keep track of items that you need to stock up on.

Touch Lock – I have a toddler geek who already knows his way around the world of electronics so this one has come in handy quite often. With a quick drop down, you can lock the screen and unlock by pressing and holding an icon or even with a multi-touch gesture. So I can put on a video for my son without fear he might accidentally purchase everything in my Etsy cart…or wait…maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Let me know your favs in the comments!



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