Parenting Moments That Totally Relate To ‘Star Wars’ Characters


(image cred: tumblr)

When it comes to parenting, there are endless trials and triumphs that perfectly compare to personalities of Star Wars characters. I mean, raising a family is pretty much like running a Death Star in that some days you literally have only one mission to accomplish, but everyone else just keeps fucking it up for you. You have your good guy and bad guy moments, but at the end of the day, you would travel to the edge of the galaxy for them all.

Luke Skywalker – At the hospital after delivery, it’s all about you and your precious new family member. Your world is small and filled with the reassuring help of friends and family who possess much wisdom. But after you leave the cushy confines of the hospital, your entire world expands exponentially and reality is going to eat you alive like a hungry Sarlacc. On your best days, you feel like you’re unstoppable and on your worst, you’ll reminisce of a simpler life without so much responsibility. Everything you’ve been through just makes you realize how strong and powerful the family force truly is.

Obi Wan – There’s suddenly so much responsibility to teach your new baby about the world. You’ll worry that you’re doing everything right, at the right time, and change your mind a thousand times. This little person will always look up to you and no matter how you choose to raise him or her, that will always be the right way.

Princess Leia Organa –   You’re finally getting a handle on this new parenting thing and take your responsibilities seriously. You’re rocking a new schedule, taking care of your baby like a pro, and have even managed to shower and eat three meals every day this week. You will lead your family to glorious victory of easy meal times and peaceful bedtimes. There’s nothing you can’t do.

Darth Vader – You have no idea what day it is and you can’t remember the last time you showered or slept longer than 20 minutes. Your skin is pale from sunlight deprivation, your eyes sunken, and there’s god-knows-what-crusty-shit in your hair. Then your MIL comes over (without coffee) and bluntly announces how tired you look…

*rhythmic heaving breathing commences*

*raises clenched fist*

*tries not to force choke*

Stormtrooper – Some days there’s so many chores and errands to run that you just feel like a brainless worker following orders. And you wish you had clones of yourself to get more done.

Ewok – The baby is finally old enough for an overnight at Mema and GrandPops’ house and you and your hubby can have a real date night. You put on heels and makeup, break out the wine, and full on celebration begins! You laugh and talk about all the silly stuff you haven’t had time for, worship the meal you both get to eat while it’s hot, and then totally make-out!

Boba Fett – You have become a trained bounty hunter in your constant quests for binkies, teddy bears, and that one friggin’ orange car…no not that one, the other one… just in time to satisfy your unruly overlord. You know all the best hiding places for all the toys in your home and your skill for grabbing objects midair before they fall into the furniture black hole is unparalleled.

Yoda – And at the end of the night, despite how muddy and murky the day might have seemed, your family loves you and couldn’t do it without you. With every new parenting experience, you learn a lesson, a trick, your limits and your strengths. In time you will be a wise teacher for your baby. And remember, there’s always tomorrow. “Patience you must have, my young padawan.”

May the parenting force be with you. ❤




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