I’m Writing For Hudson Valley Parent Magazine!

I recently started blogging for Hudson Valley Parent about our journey with Simon, Sailing The Spectrum. I’ll  be posting weekly about what we’ve learned in Early Intervention as well as sharing personal stories about the very true side of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. I also have a few articles featured in upcoming HV Parent print magazines!

Here’s a few of  posts from the site :

Autism Used To Mean “We Can’t,” Now It Means “We Adjust.”

Jul 12, 2017

Even before my son received the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis, life was very challenging. Way more challenging than it should be for first time parents and a new baby.

Not All Stims Are Created Equal (Part 1)

Jul 20, 2017

Based on portrayals of Autistic children on TV and in movies, I thought stims were always either hand flapping or spinning in circles.

Teaching Feelings To Children On The Spectrum

Sep 8, 2017

Children on the spectrum often have challenges expressing and understanding emotions. The subtle social cues, that we take for granted, can be met with confusion or missed entirely. Using multiple reinforcements through play and social stories is the approach that helped my son.

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sep 14, 2017

SPD is so much more than just an “over sensitivity”. For some children on the spectrum, it can also mean that their bodies aren’t sensitive enough and may even get hurt because they don’t feel pain. Sensory Processing Disorder, in the very basic of terms, really means that there’s a breakdown of how the person is receiving and filtering stimulation.


Parenting Moments That Totally Relate To ‘Star Wars’ Characters


(image cred: tumblr)

When it comes to parenting, there are endless trials and triumphs that perfectly compare to personalities of Star Wars characters. I mean, raising a family is pretty much like running a Death Star in that some days you literally have only one mission to accomplish, but everyone else just keeps fucking it up for you. You have your good guy and bad guy moments, but at the end of the day, you would travel to the edge of the galaxy for them all. Continue reading

The Debate is Over: Having a Cat is Totes Like Having a Kid


People get super bent out of shape when you compare raising a child to owning a pet or vise a versa. But now having raised a cat and currently raising a toddler, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s totally the same.

Nothing belongs on the table. I put my phone down, cat knocks it off. I put my drink down, kid knocks it off. Actually those statements are interchangeable. If anything is left on any surface in my house, both cat and kid agree, it belongs on the floor.  Continue reading

To the mama in Target with 3 kids – I’m sorry, I had NO IDEA

Some months ago when I was about 7 months prego and totally knew everything about how I was going to parent, I totally and wrongfully judge you, Mama.

shopping mama

I saw your little boy, trying so hard to tell you something that he obviously felt was very important and you paid no attention. You responded with generic “Uh-huh’s” and “Yup’s”. It seemed that you had no time for him. I remember passing you and thinking, “I won’t be that mom. I will always make sure my children feel special and know that what they have to say is important.” Mama, I judged you. I took a quick glance at your half empty cart, toting 3 small children and paying attention to none of them, and judge you.

I had no idea. Continue reading

I Can’t Do It All.

autism-motherhoodI’ve always prided myself on being an exceptional multitasker. I love having tons of projects going on at the same time. Even when my life becomes stressful and hectic, there’s nothing better that the feeling of relief and accomplishment when I can check off my To-Do list. I’ve always worked 2 or more jobs and had a side project going on. I just love being able to do it all.

My son and I had a really rough delivery and then everything after that just seemed to get harder and harder. As we struggled through not being able to breastfeed, I tried to cope with the immense guilt of feeding my precious newborn formula. His relentless cries brought us to the doctor and emergency room more times that I can count until finally a doctor recognized he was suffering from reflux, not colic (like we kept being told by multiple previous doctors). We moved twice, I had surgery, my husband was taking nighttime classes, and I started working from home. Our bills were piling up, cars were in desperate need of repairs, and no one was sleeping. As a new family, we were seriously overwhelmed.

Continue reading